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More Writing Prompts

4 March, 2017

Cleaning out my desk, I found some numbered writing prompts. Not sure of the source, but some may be useful if you’re using prompts regularly to keep writing daily.

  1. Shade
  2. The longest day
  3. Things that enter by way of silence
  4. Ashes
  5. In a courtyard
  6. Walls the colour of tears
  7. Someone cheated
  8. Passing of hours
  9. Sound of silence
  10. Shapes like stars
  11. Falling asleep
  12. When s/he looked up
  13. Light of lamps and candles
  14. Place where wings unfurl
  15. Redhead
  16. Immobile time
  17. Saying goodbye
  18. In a tent
  19. Hearing midnight
  20. Summer garden
  21. Word left unspoken
  22. Faulty specimens
  23. Free shampoo
  24. Outcast
  25. Won’t you come
  26. Perfectly imperfect
  27. Medical interactions
  28. Overload
  29. Seclusion
  30. Stop complaining


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