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Odd Book Titles: Fish Who Answer the Telephone

18 November, 2011

I enjoy odd book titles so was delighted to find a huge list in the catalogue-book, Fish Who Answer the Telephone, and Other Bizarre Books, by Russell Ash and Brian Lake. I have previously listed some weird titles, and here are my favourites from this book:

  • Pamela Pounce: A tale of tempestuous petticoats
  • What to Say when You Talk to Yourself
  • Laundry Lists with Detachable Counter-checks in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, including Vocabularies and Necessary Phrases with Phonetic Spelling
  • What is a Cow?: And other questions that might occur to you when walking the Thames Path
  • The Art of Faking Exhibition Poultry
  • The Urine Dance of the Zuni Indians of New Mexico
  • The Zen of Bowel Movements: A spiritual approach to constipation
  • A Pictorial Book of Tongue Coating
  • Eleven Years a Drunkard, or, The Life of Thomas Doner, Having Lost Both Arms Through Intemperance, He Wrote This Book with His Teeth as a Warning to Others
  • How to Be Happy Though Married
  • Jogging—The Dance of Death
  • Collect Fungi on Stamps
  • Knitted Historical Figures
  • The Gentle Art of Cooking Wives
  • How to Avoid Huge Ships
  • The History and Romance of Elastic Webbing Since the Dawn of Time
  • Warfare in the Enemy’s Rear
  • Hand Grenade Throwing as a College Sport
  • Taking Life Imprisonment Seriously
  • The Sunny Side of Bereavement
  • Lights! Catalogue of Worldwide Matchbox Labels with the Word ‘Light’ in the Title
  • Handbook for the Limbless

The authors also have a list of odd authors’ names. Again, my favourites:

  • Istvan Apathy
  • Hippolyte Blot
  • Melt Brink
  • Robert Baby Buntin Dicebat
  • Semen Frug
  • Solon Toothaker Kimball
  • Joy Muchmore Lacey
  • Mildred Moody Nutter
  • Polycarpe Poncelet
  • Sue Mee
  • Ismo Porn
  • Nit Tongospit
  • Urban Grosskipper von Wipper
  • Yury Yuriiovich Yurk
4 Comments leave one →
  1. 9 January, 2012 3:21 am

    Some of those are quite mind bending.


    • Anonymous permalink
      16 February, 2012 10:18 am

      I wonder how some of them were thought up. Enjoyed seeing your cartoons on your blog.\


  2. 21 November, 2011 11:35 pm

    ah, that’s too funny 🙂


    • 23 November, 2011 2:02 pm

      Yes, it makes my mind spin, wondering what some of these authors were thinking of.


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