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Prompt: Bolano’s Nazi lit titles

9 August, 2010

Some of the imaginary titles listed in Roberto Bolaño’s fictional work, Nazi Literature in the Americas, make good writing prompts. If you want to stretch your imagination, work your way through the whole list. Select one title each day to freewrite about for at least 15 minutes. And if a topic does not appeal? Try brainstorming spin-offs from the topic during the 15 minutes. Work quickly and write down whatever comes into your head.

  1. A room in the tropics
  2. A simple philosophy
  3. A toast to the boys
  4. About the lost star
  5. Air writing
  6. All my life
  7. Apocalypse at fifty
  8. Bitch luck
  9. Brain in flames
  10. Checking the maps
  11. City in flames
  12. Cross of flowers
  13. Epilogue for monsters
  14. Hotel of the brave
  15. I was happy with Hitler
  16. Impenitent memoirs
  17. Invisible adorers
  18. Iron youth
  19. Karma explosion
  20. Literature behind bars
  21. Magicians, mercenaries and miserable creatures
  22. Memoirs of a malcontent fan
  23. Neck in a noose
  24. News from reliable sources
  25. Night signals
  26. Not going to take it
  27. Nothing to say
  28. Philosophy of furniture
  29. Prison camping
  30. Rebirth colony
  31. Seas and offices
  32. Second round
  33. Shadows of lost children
  34. Sinking islands
  35. The appointed time
  36. The cave cowboys
  37. The century as I have lived it
  38. The church of the last days
  39. The clan of the bleeding stigmata
  40. The command
  41. The confession of the rose
  42. The destiny of women
  43. The devil’s river
  44. The disease machine
  45. The eyes of the assassin
  46. The fingerprint thieves
  47. The fragility of mirrors
  48. The horsemen of repentance
  49. The infinite doors
  50. The iron boat
  51. The killer’s eyes
  52. The lamp of the South
  53. The last word
  54. The photographer of death
  55. The reducers
  56. The staircase of heaven and hell
  57. The treasure
  58. The virgin of Asia
  59. The voice you withered
  60. The walker
  61. The watchful eye club
  62. The way of the brave
  63. The world of snakes
  64. To Daddy
  65. Transport
  66. Twelve
  67. Unsolved crimes in force-city
  68. Wandering women of letters
  69. Warriors of the south
  70. What can we do to turn this around?
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  1. 10 August, 2010 3:38 am

    You must like “Impenitent memoirs” best. Have you read 2666? It kept me puzzled and intrigued until the very last pages, when it all finally made sense.


    • 10 August, 2010 9:55 am

      There’s several of the odd titles that I thought a writing group would have fun with, seeing what each member comes up with. I haven’t read 2666, but it’s now on my must-read list. Thanks for recommending it. I enjoyed the Nazi Lit book. At first I didn’t realise it was fiction, but twigged to this when I noticed some authors had a death date in the future. I enjoyed how he made the writers such losers or misfits. It must have been a manuscript that he enjoyed writing.


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