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Paper notebooks and writers

10 May, 2010

A searcher landed at Writing Companion after putting in the search words  ‘favourite pocket notebook’.

I had been thinking about what kind of scribbline material to take for a future trip. At the moment, I’m using the following as my current favourites:

  • A4 notebook. I use this to complete writing prompts, jot down ideas and freewrite. It’s supposed to be a daily writing journal but I use it in fits and starts, depending on what other writing I’m doing at the time.
  • A5 notebook. This size is the easiest for me to carry around in a backpack or handbag. I like the non-lined notebooks, which to me seem more liberating in terms of adding pictures and drawings as well as words. Lined paper reminds me too much of school.
    My favourite brand is a common one: Winsor & Newton drawing paper notebook, with 60 sheets and a ring-wire binding. I like the wire binding because I can fold the book flat, which is great when writing on small surfaces or holding it up to write. However, I’m now testing a Moleskine–lined paper but it does fold flat.
  • A5 diary. When I use a diary I tend to go for a week to a page. This year, I decided on an A5 day-to-a-page diary. It’s been surprisingly handy. By writing down most things in it, I’ve decluttered my life in terms of post-it notes, scribbled ideas, shopping lists, etc.

More about paper-based writing support in another post.

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