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Writing Prompt: Searching Terms

15 March, 2009

Someone in a blog mentioned using search engine terms as a good writing prompt. What a great idea.

Below are some terms that Web searchers used last month to search the Web, ending up at Writing Companion.

How can you play with these terms?

  • Read through all of them, then pick the one that most appeals and use it to start some freewriting or a story.
  • Challenge yourself:  Pick 3 numbers—from 1 to 44—and locate the terms that match those numbers. Limit yourself to writing about 1 of the 3.
  • Use the item as a title, then add the story to match.
  • Use the term as a starter to freewrite for a specific time, say 5-15 minutes. Remember if you get stuck to rewrite the last few words until your brain provides the next thought.
  • Use the term to engage in mind-mapping. Afterwards, look through your mind-map and see if anything has emerged that tweaks your imagination and pushes you to keep writing.
  • If you usually write stories when using prompts, try writing  a poem. If you mainly write poems, try a short story or a personal essay.


  1. Offensive Language in Their Eyes
  2. Scary Fast Writing
  3. Secret List
  4. I, 16
  5. Banned Lord
  6. Facial Expression in November
  7. Write Twisted
  8. Finding Your Fairy Companion
  9. Their Eyes Were Watching God Banned
  10. Love & Hate
  11. The Place You Want to Go
  12. I Work Pages
  13. Writing Poe
  14. Prompt Song
  15. Plot Fairy
  16. Why is Rabbit?
  17. When I Grow Up
  18. Water is Wide
  19. Listen to the Story
  20. Writing to 14
  21. Teeth Writing
  22. Screaming When Winning
  23. Spinner Writing
  24. Lord of the Rings Burned New Mexico
  25. Hate Language
  26. Most Explicit Trashy
  27. Insane Asylum of the Universe
  28. Why Was Their Eyes Watching?
  29. Obsession
  30. Points Out of Line
  31. Starting with Numb
  32. Nazi Bonfires
  33. Short Store
  34. How to Make a Spin
  35. Rejected
  36. I Like to Go
  37. Book With Red Cover
  38. Cat Strikes Back
  39. Trashy Romance
  40. Looking Weird
  41. Die Ranch
  42. I need a List
  43. Hot Steamy Love
  44. Writing Rejection
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  1. 24 March, 2009 5:42 am

    What a neat idea!


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