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Writing Prompt: What’s in a Song?

19 January, 2008

This writing prompt is simple. Pick a song title and use it as the title for writing a short story, poem, or essay.Not every title will work for you. Pick the ones that immediately fire your imagination to write.

Concentrate only on the song title. What story can you write to fit this title?* * Ask yourself questions about WHO and WHAT.
* Choose a tone—humorous, scary, irritating?
* What’s the main issue or conflict?
* What’s the setting? Trendy city bar, the mean streets, a farm in some remote area, yoga retreat, or a tropical island?

Different ways to use a song tile
* Write a very short story, 200-500 words.
* Don’t write a story, but sketch a plot and climax.
* Write a draft opinion piece or reminiscence.
* Freewrite in your journal.
* Use the title in a writing group, sharing different interpretations and approaches.
* Use the song title as a title or a first line of a poem.

So Close
The Boy Is Mine
You’re Still The One
Truly Madly Deeply
How Do I Live
Together Again
All My Life
Nice and Slow
I Don’t Want To Wait
Need You Tonight
Got My Mind Set On You
Sweet Child O’ Mine
So Emotional
Could’ve Been
Roll With It
How Deep Is Your Love
Baby Come Back
Love Is Blue
Tighten Up
Little Star
All I Have to Do is Dream
Book of Love

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  1. 22 January, 2008 1:55 pm

    I had forgotten what a bloody awful year 1978 was – those Gibb boys were ubiquitous. I can still hear my upstairs neighbours play that insipid Saturday Night Fever soundtrack over and over and over, and over…It’s a story that almost ended in murder….

    That’s all true, by the way. I can’t write it, but anyone else is welcome to it….


    I’m sure ANY readerr would identify with a story’s protagonist who murders a neighbour because s/he plays Sat Night Fever incessantly! When I lived in the inner city, where the houses are VERY close to each other, my neighbours on one side often held parties and played insipid ‘club’ music and kept the volume cranked up. Whenever I couldn’t take it anymore, I’d put on Hank Williams’ Greatest Hits or Elvis Presley’s gospel songs. Both worked effectively as a message.
    Your example suggests that when conceptualising fictional characters, it could be worthwhile to consider what music they like and don’t like.


  2. 21 January, 2008 9:47 pm

    this is my first entry here… but i had a lot of fun doing this….. thank you so much for providing the inspiration

    “for your precious love”


  3. 20 January, 2008 10:21 am

    ooo a new prompt site… so thrilled… here by way of deathsweep… will be back with an entry as soon as i can compile one…


  4. 20 January, 2008 9:30 am

    This was fun!

    “Stayin’ Alive”

    Thanks for this. Visitors to my site don’t usually post their responses to the writing prompts. You’re the first! And what a twist to Stayin’ Alive. I especially loved the first bit: Hanging from the wall of life/nails dug deeply in. Some days do feel like that.
    In my blog entry, further down, I gave the source of the idea of using a song title as a prompt. The Pantechnicon forum appears to be for writers of horror, fantasy, & sci-fi. Not sure whether they take poetry–but what’s good is that people who submit apparently do get feedback. Marsha



  1. “for your precious love” « just paisley….

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