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Writing Prompt 3: Disturb your mind

3 December, 2007

When you’re in the midst of a challenging writing project, take a mental coffee/tea break by trying an offbeat writing prompt. Lecrota Press offers 10 writing prompts to tweak your imagination. Here are 3. My additions are in italics.

  • You find a business card left under your windshield wiper that says: “Population controller and problem solver. 15% discount to all new customers, and an extra 10% for maltreated husbands. Or wives, or any other relative or relationship.
  • You’re falling asleep at your desk when your nose starts itching. You sneeze, and an earthworm slips out. Or something else that is ghastly, strange, humorous. Is this a one-off problem or does it continue? Does it get worse? If so, how? How does it start affecting your life–work, relationships, self-esteem?

  • Imagine yourself inside of your favorite movie. Kill off the main character and take over his or her love life. Or the character’s main problem, adventures, etc. If you are in the story, how do you decide to handle the issues, the people, etc.?
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